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a twist in the fabric of space

... where time becomes a loop ...

1980s, 2012, 23, 80s music, algorithms, aliens, animals, apple, area 51, art, artificial intelligence, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, ballet, bats, bauhaus, black clothing, boots, boys who wear eyeliner, brain teasers, broadway, butterflies, cats, cave diving, caves, cephalopods, chance, clive barker, coincidence, complexity, computers, computing, coral reefs, cryptography, dance, darkness, darkwave, databases, depth, discordianism, diving, dreams, edgar allen poe, entheogens, epiphany, exploration, feng shui, fibonnaci, fitness, florida, forests, fractal geometry, fractals, freaks, full moons, functions, graph theory, guitar, hackers, hacking, harmony, illumination, illuminatus trilogy, imagination, indigo children, infinite loops, inspiration, intellect, intelligence, invictus, italy, jazz dance, language, law of fives, legends, linux, logic, long hair, lucid dreaming, mac, mathematics, matrix, meditation, mobius strip, modern dance, mushrooms, music, mythology, namaste, new wave, nightmares, numerology, nutrition, ocean, octopi, one, oracle, parrots, patterns, perl, philosophy, physics, pi, platonic solids, poetry, programming, prophecy, psychedelics, psychology, puzzles, queries, rainy days, recursion, rhythm, robert anton wilson, robotics, running, sacred geometry, science, scuba, series, shamanism, shapes, shaved heads, shell scripts, singularity, skinny puppy, sql, star wars, synthpop, tap dance, telepathy, the cure, theatre, travel, triggers, trimix, unix, vedic mathematics, violin, water, weirdos, william shakespeare, wolfsheim, yoda, yoga,